Brangus & Ultra Black

These are our cattle.

What we love about our Brangus cows is their ability to adapt to any environment and thrive, and no matter the weather conditions they are out working for you. We love to see the Brangus cows out in the middle of the pasture grazing midday in the summer, while our Angus/Charolais based embryo recipient cows are hunkered down in the shade to escape the heat. The 5/8 Angus 3/8 Brahman of the Brangus cattle gives them what we feel is the best of both worlds. Heat tolerance, and maternal instincts of the Brahman, and the Carcass quality and black pigment of the Angus, which is extremely important to the commercial breeders in our area. "Ultrablack" cattle stem from breeding typical 5/8,3/8 Brangus back to Purebred Angus. This mating is well suited  for commercial breeders who want "less ear" on their calves for fear they will take a hit on sale day.  In our herd, with two small children around, we cull extremely hard for docility. If the calf or cow is "wild" or "crazy" there is no place for them in our operation. We also focus on fertility, because a cow isn't worth a whole lot if she will not bring a calf to the weaning pen each and every year. So, we keep meticulous breeding records for all of our females, and if we start to see trends of not breeding back on time she will be pulled from our herd and sent to the sale barn. With these qualities in mind we feel we are able to offer other breeders cattle that will work for their operations as well. These are cattle that we are proud to put our name on, let us introduce you to your next Registered Brangus Female, or Registered Brangus Herdsire.

Brangus vs Ultrablack

Ultrablack cattle are the result of breeding registered Brangus to registered Angus.  Ultrablacks are still registered animals through the International Brangus Breeders Association.  The cross between a registered Brangus and a registered Angus produces a UB1 offspring.  UB1 mated to a registered Brangus results in a UB2.  UB2s bred back to a registered Brangus results in Brangus.  Ultrablacks are a great option for breeders who want to add the benefits of the Brahman influence but with a little less ear.
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